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Starting out, reaching up…our carefully tailored coaching packages (Empower, Create, Monetize, Engage, Activate & Excellerate) connect you with the skills you need to step up, out and into your best business-self.

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Our speakers say stuff as it is and speak from the heart. They talk honestly about strategy, success, and how they overcame hiccups and failures too. Listen and learn from those who are ‘Living the Change’.

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Networking should be fun and natural. We bring brilliant women together online and in person to learn, share, and work together. And it’s not just about business – helping others can bring friendship magic too.

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“I’m truly blown away and inspired by the honesty, passion, drive and commitment from the women I’ve met through The Goddess Formula”

Rebecca W.

“Great business insights and super helpful. Really opened my eyes… when I was launching my new business – for that, I will always be grateful.”

Alena D.

23 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2018

For unlimited ‘blue sky thinking’… it helps to be on the beach!
Take time out with us & focus on boosting your business to the next level…

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