Lucy Hutchings Hunt and Georgina Coleman established The Goddess Formula as their way of doing something practical to help create a more equal socio-economic playing field for women. Rather than suffer in silence or sit around whinging, they decided to be proactive in doing their bit to help facilitate positive change; change in wider society but more importantly change in the typical female business owner’s mindset and practical skills base.

Lucy and Georgina Goddess Formula

Serial entrepreneurs, Lucy and Georgina say: “We don’t think it’s acceptable that current statistics show that 86% of venture capital funded deals involved companies without a single female founder, while only 14 per cent involved companies with at least one woman at the helm. But we also know that this is in some part due to women being more risk averse and less likely to go out and look for investment when they need it to grow. It’s also down to women tending not to know who to ask for the right advice about how to get investment ready when they need it. We believe women need to proactively help each other in order that there is a culture shift the means we learn how to grow and scale sustainably. If this statistic is going to shift in women’s favour, we need men and women alike to share their business experiences with as many women as possible – far and wide.” 

They both have personal experience of starting, failing and succeeding in business. They met in London back in 2005 when they were both running their first entrepreneurial ventures. Thirteen years, five failed personal relationships, six corporate jobs, five continents, three children and three current thriving businesses between them later and one thing has stayed constant; they are undeniably both entrepreneurs in their hearts and souls. Their experiences have shown them that the only people who really ‘get’ entrepreneurs are other entrepreneurs. Add to that being female and the only people who can really ‘get’ you then are other female entrepreneurs. Their grasp of the importance of creating a female friendly network that focused on unashamedly thinking big made the formation of their joint project The Goddess Formula, inevitable.

“We know that the magic happens when women get together and share their business experiences honestly and authentically – warts and all – and preferably in gorgeous spaces conducive to relaxing and supporting each other collaboratively. Why should we feel uncomfortable as we shoe-horn ourselves into old-school, chest-puffing, alpha-male-style networking groups? Instead it’s our collaborative, supportive, on and offline ‘spaces’ that create the personal tipping point. The point at which a woman is more likely to be brave, step out of her comfort zone, power-up and ultimately give herself the best chance of reaching her potential in business.”

Georgina Coleman 

Lucy and Georgina both know from personal experience, but in very different ways, how hard it is to keep going when all around you, it seems the people who love you are doubting you or being naysayers. Lucy initially struggled when starting her Digital Agency SYSTEMYZED after redundancy from a corporate role when she was pregnant with her third child & Georgina was challenged when she started her Events Agency Established Events and undertook a complete lifestyle overhaul after leaving a highly successful corporate sales management role and fast paced life in Chelsea – to live in remote Perthshire. They know that dealing with rejection or setbacks is hard enough when you have a corporate machine behind you but when you are on your own, without the support of family or understanding business buddies, it makes things especially tough. 

If you have imposter syndrome or doubt yourself anyway (which a lot of women do); if you are risk averse and have limiting self-beliefs (which a lot of women do); plus if you have a whole bunch of personal and family responsibilities (which a lot of women do have as they are often the primary carers) it makes the odds of success doubly challenging for women who are doing their best to start, grow and scale businesses.

Georgina and Lucy know first hand how important it is to have experienced mentors, coaches and consultants to support you when you get stuck in business. They passionately believe in sharing this message and this is the background that prompted them to found The Goddess Formula. Their ‘free-to-join’ business and coaching network is absolutely a manifestation of their personal ‘higher callings’; it’s their ‘passion project’ and is a conduit to help them achieve their life mission of helping ‘as many business women as possible step into their best business selves’.

“How can we expect society as a whole to change if we as women don’t fundamentally change too? That means getting brave, working out how to grow our businesses practically (not just wishing for it to happen) and to take that leap of faith when necessary. It means not being so risk averse that we stay small when we could grow. It means surrounding ourselves with the right people; people with the right mindset and experience.
It means, asking for help when we need it and most of all it means believing. Believing that as an individual you are ‘worth it’ and deserving of success. We will only change the wider socio-economic landscape for women in business when enough of us women start consciously upping our game and encouraging each other to do so too.”

Lucy Hutchings Hunt

Lucy and Georgina are absolutely convinced about the urgent need for organisations like The Goddess Formula. They believe that as many networks and movements powered by ‘Feminine Power’ as possible are vital for the positive development of society as a whole.

They believe it is their duty to step up and speak out and are dedicated to actively being role models for the next generation of women and girls in business and to helping create a more equal playing field so that the girls, boys, women and men of tomorrow don’t have to juggle the same inherent prejudices and obstacles that their parents have grown up having to deal with. 

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Lucy Hutchings Hunt

Lucy is Co-Founder of The Goddess Formula. She is a Business Motivator & Success Coach as well as a Technology Evangelist and CEO of the North Yorkshire based digital marketing agency SYSTEMYZED.
Lucy cut her teeth in the digital world when she founded (and later folded) an online women’s magazine (back when not many people knew what the term ‘online’ actually meant!) She has also worked in various roles at a senior level within corporate institutions in the City of London and in the charity sector.
In recent years, Lucy has become a mother to three lively children under nine whilst consistently being at the forefront of the Women’s Interest charitable sector; having hosted and organised multiple fundraising events and charity galas contributing to raising tens of thousands of pounds for local women’s charities over a period of years.
Lucy is inspired by: Marianne Williamson

Georgina Coleman

Georgina is Co-Founder of The Goddess Formula and Managing Director of Established Events Ltd.
She is also a total ‘Sales Goddess’. Amongst other (ad)ventures Georgina has run her own London-based fine art consultancy;

she has spear-headed the operations and sales for a luxury South African Safari Resort and film set AND for a number of years she headed up a large, successful team in the sales department at Late Night London (Novus Leisure). Georgina absolutely LOVES winning new business and striking a deal. Her mission is to help other women succeed in business by sharing powerful tactics and tools to super-charge their sales and business development. She firmly believes in helping others and giving back. Over the years she has had amazing support and mentoring from some of the best sales people in the business and now is the time to return the LOVE.


Georgina is inspired by: Sheryl Sandberg