Business name / website address?

Lizzie Patterson Photography

Business’s mission?
Capturing the beauty inside and out

Where are you based?
Haslemere, Near Guildford Surrey

Where are your clients based?
London and local

Where are you now in the lifecycle of your business?
20 years into the business and I am growing by the day, hopefully will keep learning forever 


Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
Portraits in magazines

What motivated you to start your business?
Passion for people and beautiful things. 

What have been your most difficult challenges so far?
Weather and technical issues. Luckily Lucy has helped me massively with my technical issues, if only she could control the weather!

What have been your biggest wins and most satisfying highs?
I get high every time I snap the perfect shot. Excellent job satisfaction! Also making those colder, more tense characters thaw. 

How do you let off steam/relax?
By heading into London by myself to see a good exhibition, whilst observing a wonderful mix of people and fashions 

What are the most valuable tools you use to communicate with your clients?
Time and listening.

What’s your personal motto?
“Keep it simple” and that goes for interiors, art, and avoiding drama in life. 

Pick one person (male or female) who has inspired you most on your journey?
Paolo Roversi (a photographer and I adore his work). 

Pick one person who would be your dream business or life mentor?Anyone with a business mind as opposed to my entirely creative brain … I will take any advice! 

Why is being part of a membership organisation like The Goddess Formula (ie. creating a likeminded business support community) important to you?
I believe that we should all help each other out, that positivity in contagious and spreads like ripples.