Business name / website address?

Laura Robertson Art

Business’s mission?
While working in Systemyzed I get to see the impact first hand of how the digital world is changing, making things easier to attain and share. My business mission with my art is to get people interested and involved with the old-school process that is darkroom photography. There is so much to explore – much more than meets the eye and my artwork is a direct reflection of the possibilities you can thrive to achieve in what people would typically call a ‘vintage’ medium.

Where are you based?
I am based in Yorkshire my office and darkroom are both central.


Where are your clients based?
I recently held an exhibition within the York Open Studios and people from far and wide all travelled to come the exhibit. I work locally but willing to travel and have had traction from all over the UK.

Where are you now in the lifecycle of your business?
I have graduated University with my BA honours degree in 2016 in Fine Art and Contemporary Practices and I am in a stage of learning to juggle my full-time job and my artistic practice.

Where do you plan to be in five years time?
I would love to see my photography work in galleries – I have had a bit of attention of a few galleries down South so keeping an open mind and hoping to see my work travelling ‘gallery to gallery’. I would also like to see my website online shop go live soon selling my art prints and framed sets. 

What motivated you to start your business?
Art has always been my passion – from when I picked up my first crayon my Mother always knew I was going to be a creative! She couldn’t pull me away from the colouring books. So I guess what motivates me the most is that it has always been my constant passion project to be involved and surrounded in the art world.

What have been your most difficult challenges so far?
My most difficult challenges so far have been trying to part with my artwork – I’m infamously known amongst my friend for never letting go of my artwork until my friends and family are prying it out of my hands. I feel very close and each piece I develop is so unique that I create quite a personal attachment to my prints.

What have been your biggest wins and most satisfying highs?
My biggest win has to be after my first real art exposure I had quite a few art galleries approach me and be interested in displaying my work and to get these opportunities simply from people just seeing my work makes me know everything is worth while as people can see my practice is different and that little bit extra special and unique. My most satisfying high was graduating in the beautiful historical York Minster – one of the proudest days of my life. 

How do you let off steam/relax?
I let off steam in my darkroom or with a pencil and paper. At the end of university I received a certificate for ‘Most Time spent in a Darkroom’ literally the definition of crazy artist! I get into my studio and just get carried away. Either that or I pick up a sketchbook and pencil and just start drawing.

What are the most valuable tools you use to communicate with your clients?
My most valuable tool I use in art to connect is my website! It’s my digital archive of ongoing works. I also hope to monetise it soon by launching a shop. 

What’s your personal motto?
“The World today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do.” – Pablo Picasso

Pick one person (male or female) who has inspired you most on your journey?
One person I am seriously inspired by is Vivienne Westwood her spirit and ambition always keeps me inspired!

Pick one person who would be your dream business or life mentor?
My dream mentor would be Mitch Goldstein who’s darkroom photography practice explores the possibilities within the practice but also markets his work excellently!

Why is being part of a membership organisation like The Goddess Formula (ie. creating a likeminded business support community) important to you?

Being a team member in the Goddess Formula is super important to me as it brings me into a network of like-minded business women of all ages and areas, it gives me a direct reference point if I am struggling on any aspect of my business and directly links me to the people I need to be in contact with.

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