Where are you based Kirstie? Where is your office?

Based between London and the Cotswolds. Perfect balance!

Where are your clients based?

Worldwide, however the majority of our customers are based in the UK.


Where are you now in the lifecycle of your business?

Toastie Pig was founded in 2012 and we have gone from strength to strength. We recently successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign which was designed to help raise funds for the production cost of our Toastie Pig puffer jackets. This was our first foray into the world of outerwear and where the majority of the founder’s designing background lies.

Where do you plan to be in five years time?

In five years time we hope to have a significant presence globally, with the brand being an immediate go-to for anyone looking for design led fashion, which is wearable and durable and most importantly, loved by kids.

What motivated you to start your business?

My business partner has an incredible talent, and I wanted to help her channel this into something which she could own as her own. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and had the experience to know what it takes to get a start-up off the ground. It was an easy decision to want to join her on this venture and I have never looked back!

What have been your most difficult challenges so far?

Converting interest into sales!

What have been your most satisfying highs?

Successfully funding our kickstarter campaign, to the tune of 20% over target. We raised £12,500 and this gave us the opportunity to bring this beautiful product to market.

How do you let off steam/relax

I love a good bit of interval training, followed by a really lengthy sauna… followed by a bottle or two of wine, big chats and laughing my head off. That’s the perfect formula!

What are the most valuable tools you use to communicate with your clients?

We favour instagram above and beyond all other forms of social media, this is the perfect playground for new brands to bring themselves to light. It also pushes you to constantly review how your brand is perceived and ensure that the photography is something that in our case, reflects the quality as well as the playful nature of the brand.

What’s your personal motto?

Be More Toastie.

Pick one person (male or female) who has inspired you most on your journey?

My cousin, James Averdieck, the founder of Gu Puds and the Coconut Collaborative. He has been an incredible source of guidance and inspiration.

Pick one person who would be your dream business or life mentor?

Yvon Chouinard – founder of Patagonia. I really respect their values.

Why is being part of a membership organisation like The Goddess Formula (ie. creating a likeminded business support community) important to you?

It’s useful to be able to network with likeminded, influential and positive minded women. The Goddess Formula is the perfect space for women wanting to get ahead in business. They give you the building blocks to move your dreams into fruition and the encouragement and support to believe that it can come true.