What is The Goddess Formula?

The Goddess Formula is a business coaching and networking organisation for those who want to channel their ‘Feminine Power’. We support our members to step into their ‘Best Business Selves’.
We enable our members to achieve their uniquely personal brand of business success – whatever that may look like for them. We do this through powerful in-person events, 1:1 coaching programmes, group coaching, keynote speaker events, through our social media channels, our members’ only Facebook Live coaching & support group and through structured digital skills training modules in the members’ section of our website. 

Do I have to be a business owner to join?

You do not have to be a business owner to join The Goddess Formula. Those at all stages of their business development are welcome as members. The only pre-requisite for membership of The Goddess Formula is ‘a DESIRE to step into your best business self’. So even if the business of your dreams is still a mere twinkle in your eye – that’s totally cool – you’ll be in great company, rubbing along with and learning from the best. And if you already have a thriving business or one that you want to super-charge – that’s great too. Click here to find out more about joining. 

Is there a group near me?

So the grand plan thinks big (naturally). We envisage exponential reach with Goddess Formula meet-ups in every global city or town where enough Goddesses want them. For the moment though, there are core groups around the United Kingdom in: 

Central London
West Sussex (Horsham and Brighton)
Dorset (Bournemouth)
North Yorkshire (Harrogate, York & Leeds)
Scotland (Edinburgh & Perth). 

And remember – even if there’s not an in-person meet-up near you – as a member you have access to regular, live, online meet-ups in our members-only Facebook Group The Goddess Club.

Can I attend an event if I'm not a member?

Most of the time yes (there may be the occasional event that is members only). But you will have to pay significantly more and why wouldn’t you want to be a member anyway;)? Click here for more information about how to join. 

How do I speak at a meeting?

One of The Goddess Formula’s bedrock beliefs is that we should get out, get up and speak about our businesses – as often as possible – because practise makes perfect.

So if you’re a member, whether you’re an experienced public speaker or someone who wants to give it a go for the first time – that’s totally cool. We want to hear from you. 

The thing is though, we ONLY want to hear from you if you’re going to share your business message honestly and authentically. We want to know the highs, the lows, the big wins, the fails, your grand plans and so on. We want to hear from the REAL you because we know that when we really understand what makes you tick – we’ll get why you’re so amazing at what you do. If that sounds like you; you’re a member; and you want to speak at an in-person meet-up, then please email us with your details so we can make it happen. 

Am I too young or old to join?

People of all ages are welcome to join the Goddess Formula. That means everyone at any age (and for that matter – any gender!). The ONLY pre-requisite for membership of the Goddess Formula is‘a DESIRE to step into your best business self’. We caveat this by saying there may, occasionally, be events that are not suitable for under 18s – please check before attending an event if you are unsure. 

I have an idea for a Goddess Formula event - who do I tell?

We love it when members contribute ideas for events. And it’s worth noting that if you’re a member and you run bona-fida, expert skills training sessions or workshops that would benefit other members – we would love you to get in touch about running collaborative, co-branded events – wherever you are in the world. Just email us to share your event planning ideas with us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

How do I get in The Goddess Directory?

Membership of The Goddess Formula grants you entry into The Goddess Directory by default. When you join, you’ll automatically be emailed a username and password for the membership site. This allows you to login and enter your details into the directory. Follow the steps in your personalised email for more detailed instructions on how to complete the entry – if all else fails contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you.