Jen Mak

Business name / website address

A Space For –



What’s your business’s mission? 

A Space For is a time management consultancy equipping people with simple practical tools to increase their self-awareness so that they can take action with the least resistance. Working one-to-one and in groups, Jen Mak enables people to create a space for what’s most meaningful to them.

Were are your based? Where is your office?


How business networking and being supported by likeminded women and/or skills training has helped you and will help you develop your business more? 

Working with likeminded women has been absolutely necessary for my own wellbeing and for my work. Being able to have a ‘grumpy lunch’ with fellow women who recognise the natural ups and downs in building your own business helps me to stay motivated, but also kind to myself. Rather than focusing on my weaknesses, I’m able to skill swap with other women’s strengths, and learn from each other. 

What you need help with?

I’m in my first year of business and delivering workshops to deliver time management skills and mindset training. I’m looking for other collaborators who want to pool resources with complementary specialisms. 

What you love to give back?

I love seeing that relief when someone feels understood and is able to see the benefits of what they, or other people, have deemed as ‘bad’. I’m always look for the flipside of the coin.

What your big challenges are?

I’ve chosen to come off social media because its benefits don’t currently outweigh the noise I get from it so I’m building on more effective ways to market my work.

What you love about being your own boss?

I love that I can choose how I work, who I work with as well as when. It means that I have greater flexibility in being able to support my friends and family because I’m not stuck in the typical 9-5.

What you love about women focused communities and positive experiences of business coaching etc?

I feel there’s a different type of connection and communication style between women. With communities of women it really brings out a sense of collaboration versus competition. For most women I imagine, the competition isn’t with each other women, but with the pressures we place on ourselves to be perfect (or at least really really good) at all aspects of our lives, with all the hats we juggle.

Why is being part of a membership organisation like The Goddess Formula (ie. creating a likeminded business support community) important to you? 

To me, The Goddess Formula, is about being unapologetically feminine in our business, drawing strength from feminine traits rather than skilling up in alpha male qualities. It’s about changing the narrative and recognising that vulnerability is courage, that collaboration and life-long learning is about being abundant.