Co-Founders of The Goddess Formula Georgina Coleman and Lucy Hutchings Hunt centre seated.

On a wooden terrace overlooking the calm blue of the Mediterranean Sea, a group of women gathered around lounge furniture and canapes. This coming together of ambitious entrepreneurial-minded women marked the start of ELEVATE Ibiza, a four-day luxury business retreat lovingly designed by The Goddess Formula. Held between 23-27 September, 2018, the event included a brilliant line-up of speakers and coaches. Each shared knowledge and business experiences which left me feeling motivated in areas of life and career.  

Hosted by The Goddess Formula Co-Founders Georgina Coleman and Lucy Hutchings Hunt, ELEVATE offered myself and fellow delegates a chance to connect, learn and find inspiration while relaxing in an intimate setting. Structured around the belief of women supporting women and the strength of feminine power, the event brought together a fabulous collection of talented, inspiring and charismatic women amongst a backdrop of blue skies and glistening seas.

The four-day luxuary business retreat featured inspiring speakers, workshops and one-to-one business coaching. 

Those who attended the retreat arrived from various places and walks of life. Some had their own businesses, whereas others were thinking about starting their own entrepreneurial ventures. Some were looking for a supportive network and place to learn from other like-minded women, whereas others were taking time away from the demands of everyday life. However, it was clear that each woman who attended had first-hand business experience and a passion to become her best business self.   

Inspiration on how to work towards this state of self, came in the form of keynote speakers, workshops and one-on-one coaching opportunities. Television personality and entrepreneur Sophie Morgan, shared her life-changing journey and vision for a more inclusive future. Boyarde Messenger, spoke to the value of art as a driver of social change. Actress, Voice and Presentation Coach Audrie Woodhouse, exampled the power of body language and projection in the art of public speaking. With each woman owning a unique set of strengths and life lessons, ELEVATE set the stage for a week of motivational retreat.

Spread over the course of the retreat, other workshops included a stimulating look at the importance of innovation in business by Innovation Coach Helen Potter. Rachel Chan, CEO of Limitless Living spoke about the Power of Self Belief. CEO of The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club Victoria Knowles-Lacks spoke about how to turn Burnout to Balance. Workshops by The Goddess Formula’s Kate Kelly and Laura Robertson instructed delegates in the art of business branding and growing one’s Instagram account.

After speaking with other attendees and seeing a barrage of photos across various social media channels, I’ve concluded that Nikki Beach was a highlight of the retreat. Enjoyed on day three of ELEVATE Ibiza, the afternoon at Nikki featured pools, sunny skies and a delicious array of food and beverages. This time offered an opportunity for each woman  to share memories, create new memories and learn from each other. Who doesn’t long to combine business with palm trees and pools?

Overall, the retreat proved an invigorating experience that left me feeling energized, supported and uplifted. After four days spent in the company of brilliant women who are and will be going on to do great things, I think it’s safe to say that meaningful connections were made that I hope will last a lifetime.

Ten Things I Learned From ELEVATE Ibiza

  1. Beaches, sunshine and lounge chairs are always a good idea (and a great way to inspire creativity).
  2. Art and innovation can be leading factors in both business and social change.
  3. Pronunciation and firmly planted feet go a long way when it comes to public speaking.
  4. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help (other’s strength can strengthen you and your business).
  5. Sometimes, your greatest failures can be your greatest motivators.
  6. Having a network of supportive, like-minded people is one of the best things you can achieve for you and your business.
  7. Everyone needs support along the way.
  8. We are stronger together than when we go it alone.  
  9. When women get together, magic is possible.
  10. Flowers are not the only ones to grow with help from the sun.

By Amanda Clark
Communications Strategist

Feeling ELEVATED on Sol Beach House’s Rooftop Bar.

Goddess Formula Co-Founder Lucy Hutchings Hunt shares a laugh with artist and entrepreneur Boyarde Messenger.