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Pradettes, France
541 D528 Pradettes Occitanie 09600 FR
This story started in the Netherlands during the economic crisis of 2013.
Sid had his own little carpentry company that was specialized in restoration of Monumental buildings in Amsterdam.
He was one of 20 guys who had the proper qualifications to do this job.
We had a good life till the crises really started and all companies started freezing payments.
This snowball effect resulted in us being evicted from our house altough we payed the rent but not exactly on the first every month so they could break our contract because that is what is written in it, rent must be payed the first every month.
So in short we were on the streets with 2 girls 3/4 years old and our son 2 months old.At that horrible time there was absolutely no shelter or place for us to go. The helping assistance told us there was no other option then to sleep under a bridge.
Sids parents already had moved to France and in the mean time sorted out a place to rent in Lavelanet in May 2013.
We packed all we could take and fled the Netherlands in fear of losing our children since homeless families kids are taken away by them.
We arrived with a kind of trauma in Lavelanet, no idea where we were, couldn’t speak any French.
Sids dad worked in a construction company in Lavelanet and had the chance to take Sid to another company to work in the design section of airbus, sncf and Kaufman.
We thought everything went better but the worst had to come.
We were surprised by a pregnancy of our youngest daughter Destiny and at my 7 month pregnancy Sid was working very long days in Toulouse.
Until the day came that the French boss they worked for decided to keep all paychecks from all his personnel.
His company was bankrupt and just before Christmas Sid was told that there was nothing left, he couldn’t pay and it was over.
I was 9 months pregnant and Destiny was about to be born, we had no money had to eat from the red cross in Lavelanet.
Thankfully Sid had build rights here in France for social benefits so on the 30st of January 2014 a miracle happened on  Sidney junior his 1st birthday and we received 370€ we cried because we prayed for this so we could buy him just a little birthday present.
So from the day we didn’t received any payments from that guy from Lavelanet Sid has been focusing on our decorations and design company on France.
Teaching ourselves the language, scraping little jobs and every opportunity we had to be noticed.
Working together from dusk till dawn with 4 kids and trying to achieve our ultimate single goal:
To make decorations and furniture and begin a fund to help families like ourselves with a fully designed pay it forward system:we invest in a family to pay their debts, once the family is on the right track they invest their part to help another family.
And here we are today, you Lucy who is offering us this chance!Getting media attention our story will be on television in February,  and a famous football player Rafael van der vaart who maybe will tell and help develop our concept.
Our dream is coming true and I know this a long version of what is needed but we had to tell you what it means for us.
With kind regards Denise Pradettes
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